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  • Watch Folders

    One of the main features of Collection is “Watch Folders”. This is what keeps your movie library automatically up to date.

    Collection scans all watch folders periodically for any new movies.

    There are two types of watch folders: “local disk” and “web”. Local disk is for movies that are stored on your Mac, external hard drive connected to your Mac, or any other disk mounted on your Mac, such as your iDisk or a Shared Folder on a different Mac or PC. A Web folder is a “folder” stored on the web. It works by looking for files in directory indexes that matches a recognized video format (see Supported Formats).

    Add a watch folder

    1. Go to Preferences (Press +,, or press the cog button in the lower left of the Main Window).

    2. Press the “+” button in the lower left of the Preferences panel.

      Note: If this is the first time you add a watch folder, you will be prompted with a privacy notice requesting your permission to transmit movie title information to, the source of the movie information downloaded by Collection. In order to use the watch folders feature, you must accept transmission of this information. This is a requirement set by Apple for your protection. Please note that no personal information is transmitted at any time.

    3. If you wish to add a watch folder for movies stored on your Mac, an external hard drive, or a disk otherwise mounted on your Mac such that it is accessible via Finder, choose “Local disk”. If the movie is stored on a web server, such as a Network Attached Storage (“NAS”) disk that supports file sharing via its own web server, or a web server on the Internet, choose “Web”.

      Local disk
      1. An Open panel will slide down. Find and select the folder you would like Collection to scan periodically.

      2. You're done!

      1. A web address panel will slide down. Enter or paste the web address (“URL”) to the text field and press the “Add” button.

      2. You're done!

    Please view the Supported Formats section to see what video formats are currently supported.

    Limitations with Web folders

    The current version of Collection does not support nested folders, i.e. folders stored within other folders. If you have set up a Web Watch Folder, only items that match that folder, and not its subfolders, will be recognized. A future version will support this.

  • Supported Formats

    Collection currently recognizes video files with the following extensions: mov, mkv, avi, mp4, m4v, ts, mpg, mpeg.

    Movie information lookup and cover art download is based on the name of the recognized video file. If the filename does not match the name of a movie, it cannot be recognized.

    For Web movies, VLC (free) is required for starting the movie directly from Collection.

  • Privacy Notice

    Collection can scan directories and automatically look up movie titles of matched video files on the Internet, via This feature is called “Watch Folders”, described above. Only movie titles are used, and no personal information is transmitted.

    Lookups are made through Please see TMDb's Privacy Policy. Devify can't and never will be in possession of any of your data.

  • Availability on the Mac App Store

    Collection is currently not available in all countries that have access to the Mac App Store.

    The countries where Collection is currently available for purchase are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

    Currently Collection is only available in English. Other localizations are in the works.

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